A Harley-Davidson Wedding…

STP and Mom

My mother and I traveled to Milwaukee for a wedding between my cousin and a member of the Davidson family (one half of the Harley-Davidson company).  Now, when my mother and my Aunt Jane got together, a few little “drinkie poos” were enjoyed, and their filters were turned off.  Completely off.

Mom, Aunt Jane and drunk ladies.

Some of the Davidson clan showed up in motorcycle leathers.  However, most of the wedding party was in traditional garb.

Tom and Jessica and Mom

At one point late in the evening, my mother and I finished dancing and sat down for a drink.  Aunt Jane floated over.  She leaned over and whispered something in my mother’s ear.  Mom, in a volume that only a drunk person possesses, says,”Well, there’s a lot of in-breeding in that family!”  As she practically shouts this, she gestures with her drink at a cluster of leather-clad Davidsons.  Some of them heard her and looked over.  I thought it was on like Donkey Kong.  I smiled and nodded.  They turned back to their conversation.

I can laugh about it now…

Cheers from Mom!