Wisdom of the Ride…

After taking a 30 day sabbatical this summer and riding 7000 miles on “Superman” (my 2016 BMW K1600GTL), I tried to distill the lessons learned along the way:

  1. “Relax. The worst has already happened.”
  2. I do not want to live forever.
  3. I am not afraid of death, but I do not want to leave until my work is done.
  4. Kindness is infectious, but fear and hatred can go viral, too.
  5. Flies are drawn to shit. Small-minded people are drawn to gossip. This is not a coincidence.
  6. Love is the most powerful force in life.
  7. Love is the most powerful force in death.
  8. Curiosity did not kill the cat, and it probably won’t kill you.
  9. Friendship is the fabric of all human society.
  10. Demand loyalty as the condition of your friendship.
  11. Denying a problem does not make it go away—it makes it worse.
  12. Your problems will travel with you like unwelcome luggage.
  13. Forgiveness begins with forgiving yourself.
  14. If your truth is a function of religious faith, you should examine your beliefs. If your facts are nothing more than an article of belief, you need to read more.
  15. Arguments can be won, but there is always a cost of winning.
  16. The most desolate place in the world is the western panhandle of Oklahoma with abandoned farms and endless fields of wild crops.
  17. You can ride through a storm, but it’s probably better to sleep in and let it pass.

Peace & Love,