Dear Jennifer…

Dear Jennifer,

It is hard to be brave without you around. You constantly reminded me that Mark counted, that I mattered and that my mom was supercool. In turn, I would remind you of how excellent you are/were. I would remind you that your brothers loved you and that brothers almost never show their appreciation when and how it is most needed. Trust me: I have failed more than them.

In that sharing was a genuine and important friendship that endured and sustained us both. It was a true friendship.

You are forever frozen in my mind as the “Tiny Cheerleader” who stood apart. After the football games, my mother and I would walk you out of Sterling Height High School (where Cousino was forced to play its “home” games), and we would sometimes give you a ride back to Cousino, because you didn’t want to be on the bus.

In those moments, I realized that your life was not “normal” and neither was mine. And being “abnormal” with you was cool.

You have my friendship and loyalty forever.


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  1. Smiling from ear to ear, just like Jennifer’s smile that would light up a room 😁 I so remember the “tiny cheerleader” and knew back then how special Jennifer was, & how her friendship would touch so many back then & in the years ahead… & that my friend, is what I call cherished memories ❤️

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