Leaving Facebook Behind…

It’s time. We should all be done with being lab rats for a corporation that monetizes our private data and makes obscene profits. And the social experiments–none of which we have consented to–do not appear to be designed for the betterment of society. They appear to be designed to show how EFFECTIVE social media is at manipulating the masses.

Academics tend to overestimate the value of discourse on Facebook. They believe it is a space that is similar to their peer-review circles where robust but civil conversations happen.  Facebook is NOT that place.  It is a place that destroys the very essence of common conversation.  It isolates people.  It is the Facebook business model.  Here is how I handled a response from an educated friend:

I will still be leaving Facebook.  I have already downloaded all of my data from the site.  It came in a surprisingly well organized and compact set of folders tied together with HTML pages.  It is scary to see how much data is even in THAT small download!

Get out now…before it is too late…

Peace & Love,