STP’s Drone…

STP Drone Selfie…a mighty waste of money!

People who know me best will tell you I am an unrepentant techno-geek.  I pride myself on being able to fix almost anything I can put my hands on.  This is something my dad encouraged from an early age, and Lord knows I destroyed lots of things in the early days.

Now that I have something resembling “disposable income”, I have invested in a DJI Phantom 4.  My previous drone was a Phantom 3 Professional.  Both have 4K cameras and flying times/distances.  The primary difference (besides the price) is the number and capability of sensors on the Phantom 4.  It can avoid obstacles automatically.  It can be put into a mode where a particular object or person is tracked.  It has a “follow me” mode.  It can be programmed to execute a predetermined flight route.  In short, it is awesome.

Here is a short video from the airspace above Casa de Portell:

STP Airspace 2

Yes, I crashed it into my guesthouse roof the day I brought it home.  I’m stupid like that.  Nevertheless, eggs were broken, and omelets made.

Calibrating the IMUs and upgrading the firmware.

For now, it is only a hobby.  In the future, I intend to use off-the-shelf components and my TIG welder to make a larger capacity octo-copter that can carry a payload.  Also, because I have my Extra Class amateur radio license from the FCC, I am already designing a better antenna array with a two axis UHF Yagi array on the shop to boost control reception/transmission without increasing–beyond legal limits–the output of the remote controller.

Perhaps sometime down-the-road, I will outline some ideas for off-the-shelf security devices that track infrared outlines and trigger automated responses (alarms, lights, etc.).  The technology to track objects is becoming ubiquitous.


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      1. I have only been out that way (AZ) once, but I don’t remember a lot of overpasses. Your kind of luck maybe? I was just thinking back to my trip from Winslow down to Scottsdale on 87. That was a nice little ride.

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