Jory’s Prayer

August 14, 201


May you be healed in body and mind.  In failing this, may you be healed in your everlasting and most worthy soul.

You are brother and son.  Friend and confidante.  Youthful and wise and blessed.  This only makes the hours darker now. 

May the grief, tears and worry that were the lot of James and Mary—assuaged by the Everlasting and Merciful—be taken from Jack and Melissa. 

Wisdom is the bitter gift of these dark hours.  We pray you remain and will gladly forego the wisdom your calamity has visited upon us.

Return, linger or leave—we will wait.  Until your days are done, know that you are loved.

In God’s merciful name.

6 thoughts on “Jory’s Prayer”

  1. Please dear Lord wrap your loving, strong, miraculous arms around Jory and his precious mother Melissa send them the strength they need to endure the road ahead in Jesus name we pray

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